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About Us

Since 2018, Prairie Hope Wellness (PHW) has been providing individual counselling and mentoring services for all ages, as well as couples and family therapy within Melfort and the North East area. In 2022, our practice expanded and relocated to our current location to accommodate a longer list of services and increased availability. We now provide consulting, training and group sessions for businesses and organizations within the social work and mental health realm throughout the province, while continuing to offer individual, family and group services locally. In 2023 we expanded once again to provide individual and family services at our sub offices in Nipawin and Porcupine Plain.


At Prairie Hope Wellness, we offer a unique blend of education, training, and experience to help you and/or your organization deal with life’s challenges. Our qualified and experienced staff are committed to providing exceptional service to our clients and community by upgrading and building on their knowledge base to remain current, and by customizing and curating experiences to meet the very specific needs of each person and/or organization that we serve.


Prairie Hope Wellness values maintaining a comfortable, judgement free and confidential environment by providing a safe place for you to explore your thoughts, feelings, values, and life experiences that contributed to them. By fostering connection, building on your strengths and finding emotional balance, PHW can help you to discover a more joyful and abundant life.



Our mission is to provide counselling services to children, adolescents, adults, couples, families from varying backgrounds and socio-economic experiences.


We are honored to join our clients on their journey to wellness. In the face of their challenges, we support our clients with safety and compassion. By fostering connections, building on strengths, and finding emotional balance, we empower our clients to move forward and discover a healthy, resilient, and abundant life.



Our qualified, experienced, and committed staff aim to serve our community and surrounding area through counselling, consulting, and wellness services that promote and encourage holistic health.



Purposeful Connection. We provide a safe space where clients can be their authentic self. We honour the strength and commitment to engage in this connection. We recognize the importance of outreach practices in creating authentic relationships and connections.

Safe Space. We provide a non judgemental and confidential space in which clients are empowered to engage life's challenges with confidence.


Holistic Wellness. We support our clients to foster and navigate their journey of holistic health and wellness.

Celebrating Strengths. We assist clients in uncovering their strengths and hopes with the goal of inspiring actionable change.

Youth Matter Affiliation

We are proud to be affiliated with Youth Matter Canada, a mental health initiative founded to help support Youth of all ages in their mental & emotional wellness by providing meaningful connection and conversation, teaching powerful and effective self-care tools, and hosting wellness events, talks, and workshops for youth. Our staff are involved in various events and supports available through this community. For more info on upcoming events or how to become involved in Youth Matter Canada, please visit their website or Facebook page.

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